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Prolesje, place where nature springs, and time still stands.

About village

Prolesje is a village that belongs to the Municipality of Trgovište and Pčinja District. It is located on the slopes of Dukat mountain, at an altitude of 1339m.

Prolesje, with its mountain viewpoints, lush pastures, picturesque landscapes and customs preserved from oblivion, offers the opportunity for an active vacation to all enthusiasts and nature lovers.

An interesting fact about Prolesje is that it was the only village in the Pčinja District, and beyond, where quality stone was extracted for the so-called watermills.

When you visit Prolesje, you will be able to visit the Church of the Devil’s Stone (25km from the village), the Monastery of Prohor Pcinjski (57km from the village) and Vranje, which is 50km away.

Dukat mountain

Dukat is a mountain that rises southwest of Bosilegrad, or south of Lake Vlasina.

The highest peak is Crnook (1881m) and the second highest is Golemi vrh (1831m).

Dukat is built of crystalline shales of the first group and granite. It belongs to the Rhodope mountain system.

Hikers often come to conquer the peak, and enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna (blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries).

By staying in the village of Prolesje, you will have the opportunity to conquer Golemi vrh (1831m) and Čupino brdo (1725m).

Our goal

Save from oblivion

Prolesje consists of 13 neighborhoods. Unfortunately, in each of them there are only four or five inhabitants left, who are mostly in advanced age, between 60 and 80 years.

Most people born in Prolesje did not stay there, but they all remember the details from their childhood, so even today they return and spend their holidays in peace in the Mountain house “Mitke”, the only accommodation of this kind in the village.

The idea to revive the village and attract not only those who were born there, but also tourists, has always been on the minds of the hosts. In 1997, a cottage was built, which to this day has expanded both spatially and in terms of content, and in 2021, the building officially became a categorized Mountain house “Mitke”.

With this event, the locals began to understand that Prolesje will be included on the tourist map. Also, the Municipality of Trgoviste wholeheartedly supports this initiative, for which the hosts are very grateful. What is still being worked on is repairing the roads that lead to the village and connect the neighborhoods.

We sincerely hope that this positive energy, initiative and enthusiasm will be felt, and that you will often visit us in Prolesje, and we will do our best to be the most cordially hosted.
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